Monday, November 29, 2010

My Wish List

Here is a little list of the things I can't take my eyes off of. I frequent all of these links often. Obviously fabric and yarn make the top of my list.


Japanese fabric is the only way to go. Really, if I could go to Japan to fabric shop and clothes shop for me and the kids...that would be really great. So, I guess this wish is really a trip to Japan, but since that isn't very likely any time soon...I'll look at Japanese fabric online.

*This is the fabric I've had my eye on at Bolt for a while now. I love the colors! I just don't know what to make with it...maybe a bag?
*I love this Christmas fabric!
*This one too.

Selfish Knitting

I love the Tea Leaves Cardigan pattern. I have the pattern and plan on knitting it for myself once the holidays are over and I finish the super cute baby sweaters I'm knitting. I'm hoping to "splurge" on some great yarn for this sweater. 7 scanes in a pretty pile would make me very happy.

Art Prints by Inaluxe on etsy.

I'm loving these modern prints by Inaluxe.

*This is a great print.
* This one too.
*I also love these birds.

Nativity by Urastarhouse on etsy.

I'm in love with the nativity pieces at urastarhouse. I ordered the baby Jesus last year. I custom ordered it with brown skin. I would love the whole set, but I think I'll have to slowly work up to that.

*The angel and North star.
*The whole set.
*The three wise men.
*Not to mention, all the other great things. I would love a custom family made.

Cross-Stitch Patterns by Gera.

I can't decide which one I like more...I know, I don't need a new hobby, but they are all so cute! I love the wedding one. It would be a good anniversary gift or wedding gift. What do you think Aris and Meredith?

*Wedding cross-stitch.
*Three bears cross-stitch.
*Christmas cross-stitch.
* I love this one for Mezmur's room, but with little Mezmurs.


Anne said...

You just made my shopping so much easier!!:)

Emma said...

I browse A LOT. Right now I am working with Cascade Pima cotton. It is like satin.

rachel said...

i love Japanese fabric too. just made my girls the modkid (syndney) euro hoodie using kokka's scattered matroyshkas. love, love.

love the brown baby jesus idea. i'm also keeping my eye out for a brown angel tree topper. another AP had posted that idea to FB. loved it!

enjoyed looking at your wish list. the sweater is gorgeous!