Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve through Christmas with the Lapours

It's true. Christmas Eve I was finishing this gift. I just needed to stain half of the game pieces. I finished up this game over a month ago. I'm very proud of how it turned out.

Christmas Eve cat story time. Rhett read this whole book to the cat...again...very proud.
Mezmur ready to go on Christmas Eve.
I couldn't get a good picture of both kids together to save my life. The following are the best I could get.

Scooters from Santa.

Handsome man in a handsome man sweater vest...the one with all the cables.

There was a rousing game of checkers.

Rhett won!
It was a great Christmas. Lots of sugar was eaten, a tiny baby Lapour sweater was finished, multiple Christmas movies were watched, games were played, there were scooter rides, delicious dinner was had with lots of carbs eaten, presents were opened, presents were given, and all of this was done with only one bleeding injury...not so bad.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Plan

A mom, a baby, and a Christmas tree at 25 weeks.
This may be a little early to be talking about this, but it is constantly on my mind. Let me first say...above all else we pray for a healthy baby...this is the MOST important thing.

Now, onto the serious stuff.

My have a completely different birth experience than I had with Rhett.

A little back story. I went into labor with Rhett on my due date. I had NO birth plan. I didn't want the pressure of a birth plan. I wanted to birth without epidural, but I promised I wouldn't be too hard on myself if I needed an epidural. After being in labor for almost 20 hours...I needed an epidural. From then on it was a downward spiral. Pitocin, baby's heart beat in distress, push for 3 1/2 hours, emergency c-section, had to be put to sleep, and Dan couldn't be in the room. We didn't get to hear, "It's a boy." We didn't get to hear the first cry. I couldn't stay awake the first time I held Rhett. This was definitely not what we thought would happen. It turned out he was posterior and almost 10 pounds. The OB didn't know he was posterior until the c-section. Above all the disappointment...we had a HEALTHY baby.

Now, I have a plan. I know what I want. I will not let the OB give me pitocin, I will try not to get an epidural (I still won't be too hard on myself if I need an epidural), I will stand up for myself, I will make SURE the baby isn't posterior before I push for 3 1/2 hours, I will make sure the person who gives me the epidural is experienced, and I will have a Vbac (Vaginal Birth After C-section). I will not have a C-section unless we (Dan, me, and the OB) determine that it is necessary (Breech, posterior, or emergency) .

The plan...After the holidays I will be going on a low-carb diet to help the baby stay smallish, I will do everything I can to help the baby not be posterior (Did you know there ARE things you can do?), I will demand more from my OB, and I will have a Vbac, because I CAN.

I have a fabulous OB, who not only is ok with a Vbac, but she said if we think a C-section is necessary, I can go into labor. The thought of scheduling a C-section makes me very sad. I want to go into labor.

In the mean time I'm reading and planning. This was a great article that has helped to empower me. I'm also daydreaming about pushing this baby out, hearing the gender, hearing the first cry, and being awake for the first feeding...this daydream is amazing and brings tears to my eyes every time.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Candy Houses

We had the Rices over for a little bit of sugar yesterday. While the dads put together our houses with hot sugar the boys ate half of the candy.
That's my sensitive boy adding a heart to his house.

Yes, it's true. Mezmur was in bed during the whole decorating adventures. To her, this house just magically appeared on our table after her nap and she got to eat a ton of candy for snack, so I think she is going to be just fine.

We had fun guys. I'm glad we could take you away from your rat troubles for an afternoon. :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Eve Pajamas

Today is pajama day at Rhett's school for spirit week. He is wearing his Christmas pjs from last year. Here are this years Christmas pajamas. I think they will both be very happy. I used a Simplicity pattern for Mezmur's pants and I used the Weekend Sewing pants pattern for Rhett again. For the shirts I picked up Mezmur's at my favorite resale shop (Mama's and Papa's) and Rhett's at Old Navy. Rhett is always so proud of the things I make for him. Mezmur's favorite question is, "What making Mama?" She will love her pjs too.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mr. Gnome

I have loved making these gnome dolls. I sort of want to keep them all, but I do have this one posted on Etsy.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Posy Quarterman Photography

I met Posy one day at Speilwerk and I just happened to have a couple of dolls with me. We got to talking and we both realized that there might be a trade in our future. She wanted a banner for her daughter's birthday and I wanted photos of the kids in their Ethiopian outfits before they grew out of them.

I DO NOT do a lot of trades, but when this one came up...I couldn't pass it up!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Few Holiday Photos and Short Captions

We have entered the world of making snowflakes.
My favorite bridge in Portland on our way to cut down our tree.
Mezmur is happy on the farm.
Rhett is happy with a sharp tool.
The perfect tree.
Cozy at home with the little lap warmer.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rhett's First Recital

Rhett had his first piano recital last weekend. He was nervous, scared, excited, and a little giddy about the whole experience. He likes piano lessons more now that he knows what to expect at the recital. He was acting out a lot at and about his piano lessons, but now he can't wait to go...well, for now.
I wish I had better pictures...I was taking pictures really fast, because I was the only crazy mom with the camera at the front of the room.
A little back story on Rhett and the piano. He begged us for lessons...BEGGED. Finally we thought he was old enough. He has loved the piano since he was tiny. Once on a trip to the beach all he wanted to do was play the piano and make up songs with someone...instead of going to the beach to play. I'm was all he wanted to do. He was 2 1/2.
We recently acquired Dan's parents piano. Rhett has been making up his own songs. He plays the piano everyday. Not only does he make up his own songs, but he remembers them and plays them again and again. He has taught himself how to play songs too. This Mama was proud when he figured out how to play Do-Re-Mi.
Ok, enough bragging about my musical genius child...
We also saw cute kids like this one on the drums and piano...this kid was so tiny and cute on the drums.
Now, once we figure out how to upload videos again I'll share the video from his recital.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Finished! First this was going to be for Dan's Father's Day gift, then his birthday, but officially, it will be for Christmas. He better like it and wear it...that's all I have to say! He wears everything else I make him, so I'm crossing my fingers. I'll share a photo of him wearing it on Christmas morning. This was my first cable experience and I must was easier than I just took FOR-EVER!
Mezmur couldn't believe she was seeing the big guy in "real life." I thought she would be more nervous, but what was I thinking? Not my girl!
This Santa knew just what to say! Rhett has been talking about how Santa said not to fight for the whole year and that Santa wants him to cooperate at bed time. So-far-so-good.
Rhett asked Santa for a paddle ball (you know, the wooden paddle with the rubber ball attached) and a Razor scooter. I think he will have a very good Christmas this year.