Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Christmas Time...Well, It's Over Now

We had a fun Christmas. A laid back, low key Christmas...besides the crazies we live with, but how boring would Christmas be without kids? So boring.

Mavis only likes four people...Mom, Dad, Rhett, and Mezmur. She didn't like Santa at all. Notice Mezmur's face also...she wasn't too sure of Santa either.
I had it together enough to make a skirt for Mezmur and a matching dress for Mavis. My girls were pretty cute together.
These two were pretty excited for Santa to come. Santa went to bed too late waiting for a certain 6 1/2 year old to go to sleep and Santa realized too late that he didn't have the right batteries for Rhett's gift. You never know with could go one of two ways. Total drama or not even's a good thing he didn't notice or even care. We went to the store in the morning and got the batteries.

Here is Mavis and Daddy before church.

When we got home from church the kids put on their special Christmas Eve pajamas...made by me. Notice Rhett's "man pajamas?" Also known as Ralph pajamas (A Christmas Story). He is really cute in them.

The love you see here was a Christmas miracle. It was the magic of Christmas that brought these two together. Today is December 29th...back to normal.

Mezmur's pajamas are the super cute Oliver and S. kimono pajama pattern. I love how they turned out and she loves them and calls them her "cozy pajamas."

Santa came. He left a balance bike for Mezmur and a metal detector for Rhett. They were hits, but Mezmur wasn't too sure of her bike at first. She asked Santa for a princess bike and when she first saw it she said, "THIS is not a princess bike." Sorry, princess. Santa is not ready for princesses., I mean Mavis' gifts were the vintage Fisher Price ferris wheel and 'A' frame house and some guys. Well, it was for Mezmur too, but she isn't so into them yet. Challenge: To have Mezmur forget about princesses and realize the incredible coolness of a little people Susan and Gordan from Sesame Street and a tiny plastic sewing machine.

Christmas morning. The excitement grows while the big kids wait to come out to see what Santa brought. Behind them...a sleeping baby.

Mezmur, "Mommy, take a picture of our feet!" OK.

I got the big reveal on video. I'm glad too, because I have the whole, "This isn't a princess bike" disappointment on tape. It is funny to hear us convince her that it IS a princess bike, because it is pink and has flowers on it.

No questions were asked when Mavis got NOTHING from Santa. She didn't care one bit.

Later we had dinner at my mom's. Mezmur cuddled up to Grandad and said, "I love him Mom."

Once again. I was feeling very blessed to have Mavis with us...her first Christmas. I never could have guessed I would be blessed with such a beautiful family and Mavis adds so much to our family. Apparently she loves herself a lot too...she loves kissing her reflection.

I hope your Christmas or whatever you celebrate was filled with as much craziness as ours was.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunt

Last weekend we "finally" got our tree. According to Rhett, we are the last people on earth to get their Christmas tree. It was a cold frosty day on Sauvie Island...

Not chocolate, friends we ran into by surprise at the same farm at the same time, candy canes, a cold baby and her Mama, and a tantruming three-year-old...oh, wait...

Mezmur's From Opia

My girl who when asked on the airplane on our way home from Florida where she was from, proudly said, "I'm from 'Opia!' Are you from 'Opia' too?"

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mavis Is Eight Months

Mavis is eight months now! We are already making plans for her first birthday party. Let me know if you want to's going to be a rager. We figure...she is our last baby, therefore, our last first birthday to celebrate. That and she is already spoiled and this family wants a good excuse to hire a balloon man. Now I bring to you the many faces of Mavis...

This is the face she makes when she is eating Cheerios.

This is how she looks first thing in the morning.

The look she makes when she is looking at Billy (the cat).

The look she makes when she is getting to play with something she knows she isn't allowed to play with.

The look she makes when she is getting away with something.

The look she makes when she is looking at the doll I was making dance...trying to make her smile.

A face full of cheeks.

The face she makes when she is going to attack. This blanket got a mighty bite after this shot was taken.

We love our Mavis and she it totally going to remember the balloon man at her first birthday party!

Friday, December 2, 2011

A Girl And Her Doll

I'm busy working on a few more "traditional" Ethiopian dolls for the shop. I'll let you know when they are posted. I hope to have them posted before Christmas and Genna.