Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's a Pac-Man Party

Rhett had a birthday party yesterday...6! We thought really hard about what kind of party to have. Some of Rhett's likes: hot wheels, puzzles, coloring, and video games. The only video game system we have is this one...the one with Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Pole Position...

The only game I like to play is Pac-Man and Rhett always teases me about that, but when I suggested a Pac-Man birthday party...he was really excited. We started to brainstorm different games we could play and thanks to the "internets" we found an awesome cake idea. So, no, the cupcakes weren't an original, but we sure pulled it off pretty great!
This is for the musical chairs game.
I hung up all our worship Rhett things around the house.
Here is "Pinky" the ghost sitting before the big pinata bash. We made the pinata with paper mache. Rhett chose "Pinky" because, "She is the most greedy of all the ghosts." Therefore, the one we really want to bash.
First was the beanbag toss. Rhett made up the rules. First, you have three chances to get a power pellet, then you have three chances to get as many ghost/fruit points as you can get. It was a hit. The kids loved it and they all got a Pac-Man medal to wear around their necks for the rest of the party.
Rhett also made up the rules for this special musical chairs game. On every chair is a paper with either a power pellet, fruit, blue ghost (that you can "eat"), or Pinky...the greedy ghost. When the music stops you must sit on a chair and if you sit on are out. It was a really fun game and they all loved it.

Pinata time. Unfortunately, not everyone got a chance to hit the pinata. We had a couple of major sluggers at the party who we should have made go last! It's a good thing that there was candy at the end to make everyone feel ok about not getting a chance to hit "Pinky."
The last of the major sluggers watching with approval over all his friends getting the candy he provided.
After that...the party got crazy!

Earlier in the day Mezmur said, "Daddy...Rhett said no my birthday party, but YES my birthday party." Mezmur thought this was all for her.
The party was a hit and it was worth all the work and all the Braxton Hicks.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Few Photos From Around the House Today

I loved seeing this when I woke up this morning. Next to Rhett's new piano recital piece is the new Martin Luther King book we got yesterday. I just put it there last night when we rushed in a little late and basically threw the kids in their beds. I thought that was the perfect place for that book today. Mezmur kept going up to it and staring at it while she played a few keys on the piano and it was there when Rhett made up a new song today.
I thought this was a really great surprise, but then, it got us wondering...did he finish what he wanted to say. Did he want it to say Mezmur is the best sister? Or Mezmur is the best sass? Or Mezmur is the best hitter? I'm going to go with just...Mezmur is the best.
After a discussion about juvenile delinquents picking up trash for a punishment...Rhett decided he wanted to "save the earth" and pick up trash too. How he came up with such a positive from Dan telling him about a punishment...I don't know, but I thought it was really great. He quickly got a bag and made a paper label that says, "save." I asked him what he meant by the "save" on the bag and he said, "Save the earth."

I just asked Rhett about the "Mezmur is the best" and here is what he said...we were playing teacher and I was being a mean teacher, so I just had to write that to make her feel better...there you have it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Knits For Tiny Baby Lapour

Here are some baby knits I've been working on for tiny baby Lapour. The first is the sweater. I used this pattern...I can't wait to make a bigger size using this pattern. I think it is a great sweater, but it may be even better for a bigger kid. The yarn really isn't that fuzzy, but the photos make it look really fuzzy. I knew I wanted a red sweater for this baby. I was trying to keep my belly out of this picture, but then I decided to include it.
I'm really hoping for some cool Summer evenings at Krueger's Farm, so the baby can wear this sweater.
How could I resist making booties that are called Stay-On Baby Booties? I mean, all booties are super cute, but they usually aren't very practical. They don't stay on! This pattern is great and with the tie to tie the bootie on around the ankle...they will not be going anywhere. The pattern came from Knitting For Baby.
The yarn doesn't match the hat below, but it is very close. It is the same yarn as my favorite hat of Mezmur's when she was a babe. I love using yarn/fabric from my stash!
I made this hat in a tiny size for tiny baby Lapour. I made the same hat for Mezmur and it was my favorite (wasn't baby Mezmur so cute?!). I used different yarn, but I didn't realize just how similar the yarn was to Mezmur's hat. Oh, well. Perfect for a boy or a girl. The pattern came from Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines.
Now I'm working on some sewing for baby...a simple quilt that I hope to have finished before the baby is born, but you know my track record with quilts...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Our VooDoo Morning

We took a trip to VooDoo last weekend. We call donuts "breakfast dessert." We first have to eat a healthy breakfast at home, then we get to indulge in sugar delight. Yes, Mezmur licked off all of the sprinkles...she is "that" kid. Rhett's favorite is the bubble gum donut that comes with the Double Bubble. There are always a couple of pinball games and tears when the quarters are gone. A donut trip also comes with a tummy ache and blocked arteries, but oh, the goodness.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Little Reflection on Adoption and Pregnancy

Bare belly at 28 1/2 weeks.
When I first got pregnant I had a twinge of guilt. Guilt, because we most likely won't be adopting again. We were going to adopt again if we continued to have a hard time getting pregnant, but after another year and a half...we got pregnant.

I quickly realized that I cannot feel guilty that we got pregnant. I cannot put that guilt onto our baby. I cannot feel guilt that we were blessed with this baby. We are so very blessed.

We never approached adoption as "saving an orphan," as a good deed, or for religious reasons. We simply wanted another baby, found the need, and a program that was fairly quick and straight forward. We cannot solve the orphan crisis in the world and don't presume we can by adopting more children. Ethiopia is in our hearts and the orphans of the world are constantly on our minds.

The guilt I felt in the beginning was not for the orphans of the world, but for Mezmur. Guilt that Mezmur will not have a brother or sister that looks like her. Cheese ball as it may sound...she already has brothers and sisters that look like her. We have friends who have adopted from Ethiopia...lots of them (Yes, I know, we are so popular). Mezmur sees these friends regularly. Some live a mile away and some live out of state. They will be in her life forever. They are family. They are her brothers and sisters. I told you...cheese ball.

With all that said...ask me again in a few years if we are going to adopt again. One never really knows what the future holds. Again, cheese ball.

It's Genna!

Melkam Genna! Merry Ethiopian Christmas! We planned a last minute feast with the Rooneys for Genna last night. I must say...we are great cooks and should have broke out the berbere we bought in Ethiopia a lot sooner.
I made the Doro Wat and Ethiopian Honey Spice bread for dinner. We had a little bit of a hard time finding the injera, but alas, we live in the best neighborhood with at least 6 Ethiopian restaurants and at least 4 Ethiopian markets within 5 miles of our house, so although we had to make 4 stops to find the was all within a mile radius.
Friends and future husband and wife. I normally would never say that, but really, I don't think there will be another man good enough for Mezmur.
Mezmur loved the injera this time, but nothing else. Progress...
It has nothing to do with Ethiopian food and everything to do with our picky little eater that won't eat anything new...or really, anything at all that isn't white or covered with cheese.
The three joys of our lives. The reasons we live and the reasons we all have high blood pressure. Here, I believe, Ted is saying something crazy again.
My recipes came from another amazing adoptive mom and from a great site. Lori did an awesome job on the salad, lentils, and greens. Our feast was as good as any Ethiopian food I've ever had. Pat on the back...for sure.