Monday, January 17, 2011

A Few Photos From Around the House Today

I loved seeing this when I woke up this morning. Next to Rhett's new piano recital piece is the new Martin Luther King book we got yesterday. I just put it there last night when we rushed in a little late and basically threw the kids in their beds. I thought that was the perfect place for that book today. Mezmur kept going up to it and staring at it while she played a few keys on the piano and it was there when Rhett made up a new song today.
I thought this was a really great surprise, but then, it got us wondering...did he finish what he wanted to say. Did he want it to say Mezmur is the best sister? Or Mezmur is the best sass? Or Mezmur is the best hitter? I'm going to go with just...Mezmur is the best.
After a discussion about juvenile delinquents picking up trash for a punishment...Rhett decided he wanted to "save the earth" and pick up trash too. How he came up with such a positive from Dan telling him about a punishment...I don't know, but I thought it was really great. He quickly got a bag and made a paper label that says, "save." I asked him what he meant by the "save" on the bag and he said, "Save the earth."

I just asked Rhett about the "Mezmur is the best" and here is what he said...we were playing teacher and I was being a mean teacher, so I just had to write that to make her feel better...there you have it.


Duncan said...

In my book. . . Mezmur is the best. Rhett's concern and actions for the Earth is also the best. The Lapour family is the best. A nice day to reflex on photos, family and hope. Another recent "Blinkin Blog" that touched me on many levels. . . Love to all

Christine said...

Rhett is hilarious! He was being a mean teacher? Never! But I love how he wanted to make Mezmur feel good.

Emma said...

Maya's doll arrived. Thank you, Ilove it and I can't wait to give it to her!