Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's a Pac-Man Party

Rhett had a birthday party yesterday...6! We thought really hard about what kind of party to have. Some of Rhett's likes: hot wheels, puzzles, coloring, and video games. The only video game system we have is this one...the one with Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Pole Position...

The only game I like to play is Pac-Man and Rhett always teases me about that, but when I suggested a Pac-Man birthday party...he was really excited. We started to brainstorm different games we could play and thanks to the "internets" we found an awesome cake idea. So, no, the cupcakes weren't an original, but we sure pulled it off pretty great!
This is for the musical chairs game.
I hung up all our worship Rhett things around the house.
Here is "Pinky" the ghost sitting before the big pinata bash. We made the pinata with paper mache. Rhett chose "Pinky" because, "She is the most greedy of all the ghosts." Therefore, the one we really want to bash.
First was the beanbag toss. Rhett made up the rules. First, you have three chances to get a power pellet, then you have three chances to get as many ghost/fruit points as you can get. It was a hit. The kids loved it and they all got a Pac-Man medal to wear around their necks for the rest of the party.
Rhett also made up the rules for this special musical chairs game. On every chair is a paper with either a power pellet, fruit, blue ghost (that you can "eat"), or Pinky...the greedy ghost. When the music stops you must sit on a chair and if you sit on are out. It was a really fun game and they all loved it.

Pinata time. Unfortunately, not everyone got a chance to hit the pinata. We had a couple of major sluggers at the party who we should have made go last! It's a good thing that there was candy at the end to make everyone feel ok about not getting a chance to hit "Pinky."
The last of the major sluggers watching with approval over all his friends getting the candy he provided.
After that...the party got crazy!

Earlier in the day Mezmur said, "Daddy...Rhett said no my birthday party, but YES my birthday party." Mezmur thought this was all for her.
The party was a hit and it was worth all the work and all the Braxton Hicks.


April said...

I love it! Rhett is so creative with the games. Great Ideas! Happy Birthday Rhett.

Christi said...

Very fun...I love the way he is involved in it all.

Anne said...

What an awesome party!! We're excited to celebrate again with you guys this weekend.

Duncan said...

Looked like alot of fun and very creative on everyones part. Happy Birthday Rhett! Rhett is looking so grown up!! Looked pretty wild and perhaps enough to give anyone the Braxton Hicks. . . We loved hearing Mezmur's version of the party on the phone yesterday. She is a kick. Miss you all. Love me.

Julie said...

The pictures are great! Looked so very fun, and also very creative!!

Still extremely jealous of what appears to be very awesome weather!

Happy happy Birthday sweet big brother Rhett!

brooke said...

Such a cute party idea and so well planned. Love all the details. Coming over from tip junkie.

benilhalk said...

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