Sunday, January 16, 2011

Knits For Tiny Baby Lapour

Here are some baby knits I've been working on for tiny baby Lapour. The first is the sweater. I used this pattern...I can't wait to make a bigger size using this pattern. I think it is a great sweater, but it may be even better for a bigger kid. The yarn really isn't that fuzzy, but the photos make it look really fuzzy. I knew I wanted a red sweater for this baby. I was trying to keep my belly out of this picture, but then I decided to include it.
I'm really hoping for some cool Summer evenings at Krueger's Farm, so the baby can wear this sweater.
How could I resist making booties that are called Stay-On Baby Booties? I mean, all booties are super cute, but they usually aren't very practical. They don't stay on! This pattern is great and with the tie to tie the bootie on around the ankle...they will not be going anywhere. The pattern came from Knitting For Baby.
The yarn doesn't match the hat below, but it is very close. It is the same yarn as my favorite hat of Mezmur's when she was a babe. I love using yarn/fabric from my stash!
I made this hat in a tiny size for tiny baby Lapour. I made the same hat for Mezmur and it was my favorite (wasn't baby Mezmur so cute?!). I used different yarn, but I didn't realize just how similar the yarn was to Mezmur's hat. Oh, well. Perfect for a boy or a girl. The pattern came from Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines.
Now I'm working on some sewing for baby...a simple quilt that I hope to have finished before the baby is born, but you know my track record with quilts...


Emma said...

I can't believe I never thought to make tie on booties. I even HAVE Knitting for Baby and it didn't occur to me. I just dug it out and I am getting started. I made the rollneck pullover and the garter stitch cardigan from that for my daughter when she was smaller.

Christine said...

So beautiful, Autumn! Talented Mama.

Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet said...

Precious overload.

lori said...

That red sweater is to die for. I had been craving a red sweater for Zoralee too, and I won a soft red jacket on ebay last week. It came in the mail, and it's cute, but not THAT kind of cute. And there's no hood, which is a big fat bummer. I'm inspired by this post - not necessarily to take up knitting, but to keep looking on ebay. :)