Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Happenings

Mezmur loves a good book.
Soft McSoft resting next to one of Rhett's birthday gifts...a poster found at Goodwill for my future astronaut.
This...tiny baby Lapour's quilt. I just have the binding to finish! This quilt may be finished BEFORE the baby is born!
I forgot to share the banner made special for the Pac-Man party.
Rhett was very proud of his "I have a dream" ribbon, which he picked out at the school store. This ribbon cost 3 compliments to "buy."
A new scene at our house...Rhett story time.
A new Valentine decoration finished.


Christi said...

I just feel all warm and fuzzy now.

Christine said...

beautiful! how about a belly pic?

Duncan said...

Rhett's story time must be the best thing for everyone. . . I can't wait to get a story time from Rhett myself. SEE YOU ALL SOON! Love dad-gramps

este and nuro said...

i have just found your blog and was wondering if you make ethiopian boy dolls. my son would LOVE one. my email is saltychica at gmail dot com

we lived in corvallis for 4 years and we just love love love portland!!!!

thanks and cheers!

Talia Jewelry Design said... the new scenes at your house. So wonderful.

Sharon said...

I love this post and your creativity! Caps for Sale is one of my all-time favorite books!

lori said...

Of all the things I could comment on in this series, I'm going to say it is precious as pie to see Dan sitting there next to Mezmur, ready and waiting, sippy cup in hand. Little Princess.