Friday, March 11, 2011

2 Year Anniversary

This week we celebrated this moment...two years ago.
We DO NOT call it "gotcha day." We don't give gifts and other fancy things, but we do give Mezmur an extra hug and thank God that she is here.


Missy said...

Congrats!! I still love that post. I remember reading it and being so excited to get those glimpses of what was to come for us!

Sam's mom said...

I love that post too.
And thanks for not calling it "gotcha." It's just family day. All coming together, becoming one at last. We go to the paint your own pottery store and make something together...the 3 DeZuttis.

Duncan said...

A special day indeed. . . She was family before any of us knew it. . . When I think about everything, it always takes me to a place in my heart that rarely gets touched as deep. . . Love dad-gramps

rachel said...

we don't call it "gotcha day" either. i probably over analyze these things, but i feel like that term is a little insensitive and it's definitely from the APs perspective. YES, meeting Evie was one of the happiest days of our lives. but for her - definitely not. we were total strangers. i'll never forget when we brought her back to our guest house. she wasn't crying but i noticed by looking at the base of her throat that she was quietly hyperventilating. i remembered a workshop on attachment that discussed how kids with disrupted attachment will have high levels of stress hormones in their saliva, but won't cry. she was terrified. she wouldn't sleep - with us or in her crib, she cried a lot and was having explosive diarrhea repeatedly. she did breastfeed for a bit that day, which was an amazing experience (i still had milk from my older daughter). we nursed three times in country, but that didn't end up working out for us. anyway, the day was glorious from our perspective but sad from hers.

we celebrate the day we met Evie by having a party and celebrating Ethiopia as a family.