Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Overdue Project FINISHED

This is our ironing board. The ironing board that Dan and I use everyday. I would do my best to avoid the ripped area, but if a hot iron got on that cheap Ikea batting it would melt and get on my fabric...or Dan's shirt.
We have been living with the ironing board looking like this for at least a year.
Here is the finished product. It isn't perfect, but it is WAY better than what we were ironing on. Because the ironing board is made of metal I needed to add a good amount of batting, because sometimes when I would iron something you could see the metal pattern on the fabric. I had to add a bath towel under the old cover to help with this...making the ironing board a bit lumpy.
I first used some FOE (fold over elastic) for the underside, but it wasn't tight enough, so I added a second layer of elastic to make it tighter.
The squares for our quilt are coming along. I'm almost done with half of the squares!!!! Wouldn't it be great to finish the quilt top before the baby gets here?
Tomorrow, I'm working on another project that has been mocking me for YEARS!

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lori said...

Congrats on your ironing board and Rhett's curtain! I know what it feels like to complete something that has been taunting you (though my level of project sophistication is on a totally different scale than yours. heh heh.)

Now then, my main question for this post: why, oh, why why why do you find yourselves ironing every day?? I assume Dan has to look sharp at his job, but does he have to look THAT sharp? It's Portland!