Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Bath, Quilt, And Booties

Life with three is pretty great.

Mavis on her quilt.
Oh, Mezmur. So sweet, yet challenging since your baby sister came home. Is it terrible twos or just the big sister blues? One thing is for sure...I have two of the most beautiful girls living in my home.
Here are the booties I made for Mavis. I love this pattern! I wish I made a few more pairs! They are the best and they really do stay on.
Um, I know I'm not supposed to put this out into the universe...in fear that I will be jinxed, but Mavis is an easy baby. Yes, she wants to be held a lot, but we are ok with that. She eats like a champ. She has gained 1lb in a week! She doesn't cry too much. She puts up with her brother and sisters tantrums and fits. Best thing? She sleeps awesome at night. Yes, she wakes up to nurse a couple times a night, but she sleeps better than both Rhett and Mezmur did. Mezmur and Rhett were not sleeping this good until they were almost two!

Please be kind, universe.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your beautiful babe! Loved your birth story. I too had two very different experiences and the last one made up for the first :) Chloe had a hard time at first when Lillian was born as well. We had her take a "big sister" class at Providence where they got to change diapers on dolls and talk about what to expect being a big sister. Then she got to make a beautiful picture collage for Lillian that included a photo of herself and her favorite stickers. It made her feel like she had a special job and wasn't being "forgotten" with all the busyness surrounding her new sister. I say give it a month and she will be back to her old self (they say anything becomes a habit after 30 days...so they will be used to little Mavis by then)!

Christine said...

Autumn, you sound great. Your girls are utterly beautiful, indeed.

lori said...

I think it's awesome/endearing/hilarious that Mavis puts up so well with her siblings. I'm sure she had already memorized their most common screeches, hollars, and whispers from within the womb.

I am a little worried about Z too with this upcoming one. She already pretends to be a baby a lot, flopping her arms, crawling, wanting me to "change her diaper." Ugh. I got her a few children's books at the library on the subject of new babies coming home, and she wants to read them a LOT, so I know they're helping her to process.

The Coys said...

Adorable. Both your girls. Mezmur's eyes are just gorgeous too.

That is so nice that Mavis is sleeping well. It makes all the difference to be able to predict and rely on some sort of sleeping rhythm.

Rayna said...

So sweet! I think it is the season- Miles is easy too. Mezmur may just be adjusting to not being the baby anymore. Sigh.

Duncan said...

I'm sure it is all familar sounds to Mavis just a little clearer. Mezmur is sweet and she will be a great big sister. Rhett as well will be a great big brother to those two beautiful girls. Mezmur melts me and Mavis I'm sure will do the same. It's great she is sleeping the way she is, I remember someone else who was a good baby as soon as she got home. I'll give you three guesses. . . Love TO ALL ! ! ! ! !

Are Billy and McSoft spending more time outside??

rachel said...

hey autumn,
got your comment and was going to email you, but couldn't find your email address here. you mentioned my (upcoming/eventual) birth story. i thought, since we had so many similarities between our two births, i'd share my birth story with indigo if you are interested-

glad you are enjoying your newest little one so much. she is perfect!

many blessings!

Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet said...

Hooray for easy babies, baby!

April said...

I love all of these posts! I can't wait to little sweet Mavis. Hopefully this summer!