Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

The Easter festivities started with the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. It is a great tradition and always so fun to see so many friends and neighbors. The weather was beautiful too!

My three.

Easter morning was a lovely family morning with waffles, strawberries, and whipped cream. For lunch we went to our favorite family friend's house. We had the most delicious lunch, the kids were entertained, and we had great adult conversation.

Also, the kids found their weight in candy hidden inside plastic eggs.


...Rhett finally lost that tooth! It was an Easter highlight!

We stopped by a Peet's for a little coffee treat. Mezmur acted as Dan and Rhett's hairdresser. This is her new favorite "game." She says, "Like Mommy does!" I love that.

Rhett sort of likes the hairdresser game too. And is he so cute with that missing tooth...or what?

Next we went to my Mom's for Easter dinner. The kids enjoyed a gift from my mom...colored bubbles in a "spill proof" container. Hmmm...who thought of this idea? Mezmur was blue from head to toe. Her tongue was blue. Yes, it was surprisingly washable and came out of her dress and shoes.

I never would have guessed last Easter that we would be celebrating this Easter with a new daughter. We are so blessed.


Rachel @ Lautaret Bohemiet said...

Oh, little Mavis is so... well, not little! She is such an adorable little chunk!

Mezmur and Rhett look pretty darn content. Maybe it was the candy. :) Siblinghood seems to be going alright, at least for many of the moments.

Great pix!

Sally W said...

My son got those bubbles too. Our dog likes to pop the bubbles by biting them. We had a blue spotted, blue-tongued, blue-footed dog!!

Duncan said...

The photo of the three amigos is beautiful. Mavis has the most beautiful blue eyes and looks as healthy as can be. Love to see those missing front teeth from a child, it looks like growing up to me. The blue bubbles looked like the highlight of the day for Mezmur. . . All in all it looked like a wonderful Easter with the kids. Love to all! ! ! ! !

lori said...

I LOVE the stack-o-kiddos pic.

Happy belated Easter to you and yours.