Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Lapours On The Go

I'm calling my iphone posts...The Lapours On The Go. Photos I take around town when I feel I should have brought my camera, but with two kids running around and one attached to me...it's a little hard to carry a camera too. This was taken in the courtyard between Barista and the Salt and Straw cart on Alberta. We are so very excited about Salt and Straw, due to open late this Summer, but in the meantime they have a cart open that we will be visiting often.

Dan gave me an iphone for Mother's Day. My technology life is forever changed. Not only can I check my email before I get out of bed, but I can take decent photos all over the city of Portland with a camera I keep in my back pocket.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Good And Bad Of Friday

A Friday tradition. One of our children loves the Rebecca Black version. The other child loves Steven Colbert's version and likes to pretend he is Taylor Hicks. Dan insists we listen to this pop sensation every Friday morning and the song remains in our head the rest of the day. I have a video of Mez singing the Friday song too...maybe I'll post it next Friday. Until then...it is your American duty to know just how bad and just how great the Friday song can be...

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Bedtime Routine

Just one more thing to delay bedtime...

Rhett and Mavis get cozy in bed after we have said good-night to Mezmur and they have some brother and baby sister cuddle time.

Good-night brother.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fat Baby In A Little Hat

I went into Close Knit on Mother's Day to show off Mavis and left with yarn for a very cute hat. Simple and so cute, which is just my style...good job Leah with the pattern! The only problem is that I knit a little tight, so I should have knit the hat on bigger needles. Mavis will be able to wear this hat for about a week...if I'm lucky! I think I'll knit a bigger one and give this hat to another sweet little girl who was just born into the family.

I'm trying really hard not to type a cheesy caption with this photo...like something about the hat cutting off her circulation.

What I learned knitting this hat...I can knit and nurse at the same time!

Monday, May 2, 2011

One Month And All Is Well

Let the monthly photos of our third child commence...Month One. She is gaining wait like a champ! I can't wait to find out what she weighs at her 2 month appointment. I know she is over 10 pounds!

The first month has been full of ups and downs. The downs consist of a few health issues of mine making recovery slow. One of those issues...another kidney stone! The ups have been spent soaking up everything we can about this little baby girl...not taking any moment for granted.