Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Lapours On The Go

I'm calling my iphone posts...The Lapours On The Go. Photos I take around town when I feel I should have brought my camera, but with two kids running around and one attached to me...it's a little hard to carry a camera too. This was taken in the courtyard between Barista and the Salt and Straw cart on Alberta. We are so very excited about Salt and Straw, due to open late this Summer, but in the meantime they have a cart open that we will be visiting often.

Dan gave me an iphone for Mother's Day. My technology life is forever changed. Not only can I check my email before I get out of bed, but I can take decent photos all over the city of Portland with a camera I keep in my back pocket.


Duncan said...

Yes, it is amazing the pictures the phones take these days. Salt & Straw, sounds good and is something else we will have to try the next time we are in town.

Monica said...

Love this pic Autumn!! And I love my new iphone too for the camera and video alone!!