Monday, June 27, 2011

Road Trippin'

Road Trip Lego Land 2011! It was the best of was the worst of times. We had many stops along the way and a DVD player for the car. We survived and we think the kids are now up for anything we throw at wise. And if I could survive 18 hours there and back in the car and clean poop off an almost 3 year old in a sink at Lego Land, than I too am up for anything these kids throw at me.

First stop...Wildlife Safari in Southern Oregon.

Blowing a kiss good-bye at Pixie Woods in Stockton, CA.

Our very own pixie.

Lego Land, Carlsbad, CA. Just look at that look Rhett is giving Chewbacca...true love.

Lego Land...70% waiting in lines and 30% of blissful rides.

Where else can you see a miniature Las Vegas?

Hotel life is pretty great.

Bubblegum Alley, San Luis Obispo, CA.

That's right, over 50 years worth of other people's gum. This is Mezmur saying, "Sooo gross!"

Beach time, Santa Barbara, CA.

Visiting the amazing Redwoods.

Cute little afro in the Redwoods.

Coming home and having the feeling, "We should do that again," means the trip was a success.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Lapours On The Go

First Farmer's Market.

We were lucky enough to spend the afternoon with these three young women (!).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bidding Wars

This year we had two very important auctions to attend. The first auction was for Rhett's school to help bring art and music to his school and the second auction was the annual Ethiopian Orphan Relief auction.

Every year we bid little bits and never win anything. At Rhett's school auction we really wanted to win this beautiful Decemberist print. I loved it. In the last few seconds it was down to a man with a baby attached to him and a pregnant teacher. The pregnant teacher won at the last second. A little bummed, but happy we helped a little to bring that price up for the school.

With our loss still fresh in our mind we went to our second auction less than a week later. I saw the item that I HAD TO GO HOME WITH. I told was worth our whole budget. It was a beautiful Ethiopian doll made by a single mother in Ethiopia. It was the only doll there that wasn't made by me.

At the last couple seconds it was down to a man with a baby attached to him and a kind hearted woman. The man with the baby attached to him won.

We are the proud owners of this beautiful doll. You better watch out future auction guests. We are now not afraid to bid HIGH. To put it in perspective...we also won a 40$ onesie at the EOR auction. Watch out, next year we won't have a baby attached, so we will be much quicker.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Lapours On The Go

Mezmur's scariest monster face on Alberta.

Rhett's Second Piano Recital

Rhett had his second recital yesterday. He did a great job. He loves recital day, but ask him to go to lessons or practice and you would think I was asking him to clean out the cat box. He begged for lessons for years and now he is done, but he has learned so much, so this mom isn't ready for him to quit. Don't get me wrong...he still loves the piano...just not the organized part of piano. He still loves to compose his own songs. He is going to compose songs for movies when he grows up. Right now, he likes to play the storm trouper march song from Star Wars that he figured out how to play on his own. Here is the video from his first recital. The video isn't up yet for yesterdays recital. He is first in the video and it is worth the watch. I'll post yesterdays performance when it is up.

Just in case you think Rhett is all sweet and charm...
To celebrate we went to the pizza restaurant with the pump organ Rhett loves. He declared, "The pump organ is my favorite exercise." Too bad that don't offer "pump organ" in PE.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Finally summer in Portland! This weekend at least. Slip-n-slide rules...It can only come out when it is over 80 degrees. This rule came about when this Oregonian boy thought it was summer at 62 degrees and wanted to slip-n-slide.

This baby loves to smile! She loved watching the leaves move on this warm summer day.

We went on a little nature walk this morning. Rhett had the best idea. Take one of his books and draw the things he sees along the way. We use the Bare Books for some of Rhett's writing. He draws pictures and writes a story. They are so great! Today, it was a nature diary.

Can you spy the artist's subject?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mavis is 2 Months

My baby is 2 months old! Weighing in at 13 pounds and 10 ounces. She is in the ninetieth percentile for length, head, and weight.

Oh, and no one got my reference from the Fat Baby In A Little Hat post...Chris Farley.