Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bidding Wars

This year we had two very important auctions to attend. The first auction was for Rhett's school to help bring art and music to his school and the second auction was the annual Ethiopian Orphan Relief auction.

Every year we bid little bits and never win anything. At Rhett's school auction we really wanted to win this beautiful Decemberist print. I loved it. In the last few seconds it was down to a man with a baby attached to him and a pregnant teacher. The pregnant teacher won at the last second. A little bummed, but happy we helped a little to bring that price up for the school.

With our loss still fresh in our mind we went to our second auction less than a week later. I saw the item that I HAD TO GO HOME WITH. I told Dan...it was worth our whole budget. It was a beautiful Ethiopian doll made by a single mother in Ethiopia. It was the only doll there that wasn't made by me.

At the last couple seconds it was down to a man with a baby attached to him and a kind hearted woman. The man with the baby attached to him won.

We are the proud owners of this beautiful doll. You better watch out future auction guests. We are now not afraid to bid HIGH. To put it in perspective...we also won a 40$ onesie at the EOR auction. Watch out, next year we won't have a baby attached, so we will be much quicker.


paige said...

I was an early bidder who left the race early. Cheers to the victor!

Duncan said...

Lose some - win some. . . Way to go.

rachel said...

we have two of those exact same dolls for our girls! very sweet!

leslie said...

Oh man! Way to make the pregnant teacher feel guilty! Can I blame my persistence on hormones? I figure that by not winning the Decemberists print you had more in your budget for the beautiful doll. At least that is what I am telling myself so I don't feel too bad. I gave the print to my husband this weekend for Father's Day- he was very touched as the band was one of our first concerts together. Next year I will be the one with the baby attached and will let you win! Loving your blog & taking great encouragement from your birth story- one and a half weeks to go with fingers crossed that my body and the baby start doing what is needed to deliver. Happy summer to your family :)

Sara Hoppes said...

I found your blog through your Etsy site, which I found through EOR's site...it is a small world. I was at the EOR fundraiser as well and had an item in the silent auction that I HAD to have, it appears it must have been a doll you made. My two little boys and I have named her Gracie Lalalu (I chose Gracie, my 4-yr old chose Lalalu). We are in love with her. She is constantly being cleaned up from being fed peanut butter or slobbered on in the boys' sleep. Thank you so much for your donation of such a wonderful doll, our own little beautiful baby until the day finally comes home when we get to bring our own child home from Ethiopia. Can't wait till your Etsy site opens again so we can get a brother for her (this was second choice behind a "dinosaur brother" that our oldest wants) :)
Best wishes to you and your family