Sunday, June 5, 2011


Finally summer in Portland! This weekend at least. Slip-n-slide rules...It can only come out when it is over 80 degrees. This rule came about when this Oregonian boy thought it was summer at 62 degrees and wanted to slip-n-slide.

This baby loves to smile! She loved watching the leaves move on this warm summer day.

We went on a little nature walk this morning. Rhett had the best idea. Take one of his books and draw the things he sees along the way. We use the Bare Books for some of Rhett's writing. He draws pictures and writes a story. They are so great! Today, it was a nature diary.

Can you spy the artist's subject?


Christi said...

I love the similarities in our families. Thanks for the bare Books reference. We are buying journals all the time...I don't know why I didn't think of looking for something like this.

Christine said...


Duncan said...

Beautiful Oregon no matter what the weather. The nature hike with the kids looked fun. Photos of all the kids were great and what great keepsakes the "Bare Books" will be. . . Can't wait to see "the artists" drawings of "The Slug in the Rocks". . . Love Gramps