Thursday, July 7, 2011

Second Annual Fourth of July Yurt Trip

We had another great yurt trip this Fourth of July with the Rices. First order of business was making ice cream. Rhett asked for this ice cream "ball" for his birthday. The kids had fun kicking it around making the ice cream.

It was great ice cream!

The three big kids.

The bundled up baby.

I love these photos of Rhett at the tide pools at Lincoln City. I must give credit for the following photos to Sarah Rice, who was our photographer for the weekend after my camera batteries died.

It doesn't look like it, but it was FREEZING on the beach. So freezing, I took the baby back to the car. I was sad to miss out on the tide pools, but I heard all about it later and loved seeing these pictures of Rhett jumping around the rocks.

It's not the Fourth of July until you go to a small beach town parade.

I love this photo. Imagine them as high schoolers. Hanging out at the picnic table on campus, talking about the big game or the awesome show they saw at La Luna the night before...oh, wait La Luna was when I was in high school.

Thanks for joining us you guys. Sorry for all the times you had to wait for us. It takes us a long time to do anything these days. No one ever said having three kids was going to be easy, but there is never a dull moment...that's for sure.


Christi said...

That ice cream ball is sweet...I have never heard of it!

I love the "high school" pic of the kids.

Being so slow at everything has to be one of the biggest parts of going up to three little ones. I have said that same "Thanks for waiting for us!" so many times.

I think we are going to try yurt camping this summer too.

sarah said...

You guys weren't that slow! We had a great time with you. ..and when Elliot saw the picture of Mavis in her seat he poked each of her cheeks and made a kissing noise. It was cute. Thanks again for everything! :)

Anonymous said...

I love all the photos...always wondered about those ice cream balls...looks successful.
I had a flash of nostalgia-I saw the Cranberries at La Luna in high school :) Is that place even there anymore? Oh the memories. Your kiddos are adorable!

Duncan said...

I also loved the ice cream ball, what a great idea. Mezmur looked "smitten" in the photos with Elliott. What a great Fourth of July celebration for the families and wonderful memories. Albeit it cold at the beach it looked like the big kids had fun. Great photos and great subjects.