Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mezmur's First Day of Preschool

Mezmur's first day of school!

I might have the smartest preschooler...the evidence...

Just in case you aren't schooled in the area of the snack sign. The idea is for the children to look at the sign and know how many of each snack they get. Obviously, my sign makes the idea very clear...but check out Mezmur's sign. Notice the number 10 and the 10 orange lines? Those are the lines for the pretzels. I didn't even know she did this until Teacher Sam pointed it out to me later. Oh, she is so bright.

Mezmur had a great time with her friends. When I ask her who she liked playing with she said, "Teacher Sam." She is her "favorite girl" after all.

Mezmur had a great time at preschool today and I got to parent help on the first day of school! Sure, I am the parent scheduler, so it may have been planned.

This is Mavis' "ooops" face. While finishing up the cleaning, I heard a loud bang. Mavis pulled down a potted plant. I didn't even know she was capable of such a thing. But, who could be mad at such a cute face...

Sure, it was another mess for me to clean, but at least no baby was hurt. That would be a very sad cartoon episode when the potted plant lands on the baby's head.

Here's to a great preschool year!

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Duncan said...

I bet Mezmur could not wait for her first day of school with "Teacher Sam". It is such a fun place to learn. It looked like she had a fun filled first day of school. Yes, she is a bright little girl in so many ways. . . As for Mavis, accidents happen and that look on her face is a classic. I still can't get over her eyes!! Love to all!!!!!