Monday, October 31, 2011

A Lion, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker

Our first order of Halloween business was getting our annual photo on the bench outside of Embers downtown.

Halloween 2011. Halloween is getting more exciting for the kids. Rhett loved dressing up as his hero and wielding his light saber, Mezmur loved getting candy and squealed every time I said, "Yes, there will be more candy at the next desk/house," and Mavis was the third little lion in the Lapour family and possibly the cutest.

First there was a short walk in the city. Two friendly street people gave the kids candy.

Mavis posed happily.

There were a few battles to be had. First it was Luke against Princess Leia.

Next it was Luke against Darth.

Then it was Luke against Luke...hmmmm...a 7th Star Wars Episode

Princess Leia and her wand.

We had a fun party with neighbors at our house and then we were off for more trick-or-treating.

Here is Mezmur checking out her loot.

Tonight, Rhett sold his candy to us for 10 cents each. It was tough for him to sort through his candy, but now we owe him $8.80. 100% worth it to me, because the talking, fighting, and negotiating about candy could drive me crazy.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Obligatory Trip To The Pumpkin Patch and Other Halloween Fun

This has been an October of traditions and an October of firsts. Our traditional photo by our favorite creepy couple...

We went to Fantasy Trail again with the Rices. We love that place!
Mavis' first pumpkin photo...

...and Mezmur's third.

This year marked Rhett's first viewing of the "Thriller" video. He's a big Zombie fan, but not such a Micheal Jackson fan.

Mavis' first hayride.

We have been blessed with beautiful October weather. Making the trips to the pumpkin patches that much more enjoyable.

The other things that make the pumpkin patch enjoyable is wood cooked pizza, beer, and caramel apples.

This year for Halloween we will have one in the traditional Lapour family costume, another will be a Star Wars character, and the other will be Princess Leia...but it's not what you might think.

Stay tuned for the three-year-old version of Princess Leia and our annual rainbow bench Halloween photo.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rhett Plays Soccer

Yes, Rhett is on a soccer team. I started taking pictures of my boy doing what he does best at soccer games. We don't care what he does or how he long as he is having fun, but sometimes it can get comical to watch our boy out there...not listening to his coach,...

...finding worms on the field,...
...flipping off the opponent (not really),...
...and picking his nose.

Go Strikers!

The game started.

Something got into Rhett. He wasn't afraid to get in there. He was more aggressive than we had seen and was really going after the ball.

Then, he made his first goal!

The look on his face when he made his first goal and looked at us...literally brought tears to our eyes.

We are proud parents, but we were always proud. Even though he wasn't always the one to get in there after the ball, he was always the first one to cheer for is friend and offer support to his team. That's our boy and we are very proud of him.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Hipstamatic Friday

Since the day started off fun and cute and I took 2 photos before breakfast was done...I thought it might be fun to chronicle our day.
No, she did not eat her waffle, but she sure had fun putting blueberries in each waffle hole.

Diaper changing time.

This hat will be lost before the day is done.

Dropping brother off at school.

The "ramp" that drives me crazy sometimes.

This cute boy combed his hair all by himself before we left. He doesn't like me to gush when he does things like this, so I just say, "Nice hair," in a really monotone voice.

This is my girl, who says to me, "Mom can we please go to the fabric store?" Music to my ears. She got to pick out yarn for the sweater I started before this day was over. What color did she pick...purple, duh.

This is just to gross Gramps out...

We picked up Dan's birthday present.

Chew beads.

I noticed our first red leaf. Soon this tree will glow red. It is the best tree on the block.

The sink at lunch time.

Sure, this looks sweet, but deep down, I'm thinking about all the things I need to be doing while this baby won't sleep on her own. I'm working really hard just to soak up everything about having a baby though, so it wasn't really so bad. Not too long from now, I'll look at this photo and miss the days Mavis would sleep on my chest.

A short 45 minutes later...just enough time for me to watch an episode of Project's time to play.

Pick up time. Rhett with his friends.

Mezmur with her friend.

Rhett's experiment, which might require it's own blog post. It included glitter, vinegar, and a $200 wager.

Mavis' first time in the high chair.

Pj sisters.

I thought I should add this one too for good measure.

Now, we settle in for a short show with Mezmur in bed (it was a big kid show) and Dad on his way home.

That wraps up a day in the life of a stay-at-home mom and her three kids. Now, for a video of Mavis.