Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mavis Is Eight Months

Mavis is eight months now! We are already making plans for her first birthday party. Let me know if you want to come...it's going to be a rager. We figure...she is our last baby, therefore, our last first birthday to celebrate. That and she is already spoiled and this family wants a good excuse to hire a balloon man. Now I bring to you the many faces of Mavis...

This is the face she makes when she is eating Cheerios.

This is how she looks first thing in the morning.

The look she makes when she is looking at Billy (the cat).

The look she makes when she is getting to play with something she knows she isn't allowed to play with.

The look she makes when she is getting away with something.

The look she makes when she is looking at the doll I was making dance...trying to make her smile.

A face full of cheeks.

The face she makes when she is going to attack. This blanket got a mighty bite after this shot was taken.

We love our Mavis and she it totally going to remember the balloon man at her first birthday party!


Talia Jewelry Design said...

we love her & balloons- count us in!!

Duncan said...

Eight months it's hard to believe and her one year celebration sounds like quite the event. I loved the photo expressions and she looks like she will be into everything before too long. . . I think you will have to catch up to her for the nine month old photo session. Miss you all very much. Love to all!!!!!

lori said...

Love the "attack" mode. Ha! It's so great that most of her expressions are one form or another of a smile yet are clearly saying different things.

Morning faces are the best too - another best.