Saturday, January 7, 2012

Genna Date And New Things

Mezmur's has started Ballet! That's my girl...with her hand on her hip.

Mezmur and I got to go out BY OURSELVES on a date. We both had the best time. She got extra attention from me being held and getting special treats. First was her very first ballet class. She has been wanting to take ballet for a while. She was really excited. Mezmur was very cute and made sure I was watching every little plie. She kept waving and running over for a quick hug.

I just loved this eclectic group of ballerinas! Most of the girls were preschool friends from The Peanut Gallery...Mezmur's old school.

Next stop was a steamer. Her request was a chocolate cookie, muffin, and a steamer with whipped cream.

She settled on a pumpkin and dark chocolate muffin with her steamer.

Next stop was the toy store to find a present she could give Rhett for his birthday.

We found the perfect gift and she promptly told Rhett what it was the second she saw him.
Juggling balls.

Rhett has a new hobby. Needle felting.

He is working on a new tapestry in this photo and he is also working on a red felted ball.

Just in case you are jealous of my cultured and talented children...their favorite things to do are play computer games and watch tv and they do these activities way more than ballet and needle felting.


The Coys said...

LOL - Love your last line! Just keeping it real. That's refreshing. Also, I love Mezmur's sweater - did you knit that?

Duncan said...

I needed these last two post. I got behind with my visits to your blog but I was glad I saw these two post together. What a perfect day for Mezmur and YOU! It reminded me that it is the moments in life that make the difference and I felt those moments for Mezmur and you in this post. You know what seeing Mezmur in a dancing class did to me. . . Tell her to keep it up unless she wants Gramps to coach her in softball. This will keep me on memory lane for the rest of the day. . . at least. Right now I want to just send out a special hug to you Autumn. Your in my thoughts and "being there" for you is my state of mind everyday. . . Don't ever think for "one moment" you have out grown this and this too will be a phase with your children you will understand better one day. . . The days fly by, some moments last forever. Love Dad