Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Birthday

My birthday came and went like any other day. The only differences were a bouquet of flowers and dinner out on a Wednesday. The above is a photo I had been coveting at my Mom's house of my Great Grandmother, Roxy. I loved everything about it. The couch she is knitting on, the expression on her face, the women in the mirror and their expressions, the is just the perfect photo. My mom gave me the photo for my birthday.Mezmur's absolutely favorite thing to do with me is cook. She asks regularly, "Mom, can we cook?" Yesterday, I said yes! We made my favorite chocolate/salt shortbread cookies. The best part of making these cookies is that we can eat as much dough as we want without worry of e coli.These two made a good team...Mavis was happily under Mezmur eating all the chocolate crumbs she dropped. I love my girls.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rhett Gives Us The Finger All The Time

I had to post about this before he realizes it's bad and I forget that he used to do this.

When Rhett is really excited and telling us a story or pointing at something really excitedly...he uses his middle finger to point or show us. It is hilarious.

Friday, February 17, 2012

It's A Poop Party!

Rhett was the easiest potty trained kid. One day he said he was done with diapers and he never went back. So, obviously, I thought it was my stellar parenting skills that helped Rhett be such an easy potty trainer. I heard of stories of cutting holes in diapers to get their kids to go in the potty and stories of 5-year-olds still pooping in a pull-up. Yikes. That will not be my kid! was.

We made lots of promises and gave her many bribes. When m&ms weren't enough to get her to go in the potty...we bought a princess doll. An accidental poop drop in the kiddie potty and the princess was useless. We tried stickers and tried REALLY HARD not to shame her at all. Months later I offered a cupcake party. I told her she could have some friends over and I would make her the best tasting cupcakes she had ever had. Finally, one day...she was ready to pee in the potty! Success, but not cupcake party worthy. No. She had to poop in the potty too. A hole in the diaper...and we have poop in the potty. Unfortunately, that ended up being a one time event. A couple weeks later and an hour of Dan and I taking shifts trying to reason with her...she finally did it. POOP!

Today, she got her cupcake party. She chose a few of her closest friends and I made poopcakes. We sang, "Happy Poop Day To You." She was pretty proud. Don't forget the pee lemonade. Ivan wouldn't eat a poopcake, but he did partake in some pee.
Mezmur is so proud of herself. She tells EVERYONE about her success. She tells the cashier at the grocery store...EVERYONE. We are so proud of her and so happy to have only one kid in diapers!

I made the girls name banners for Valentine's day. I hung Mezmur's up to celebrate her success. I'll do a post about them soon...

Raise a poopcake and glass of pee to one less child in diapers at our house!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day: Heart shaped cinnamon rolls with hot pink frosting...served with pink eggs, an afternoon steamer, leftovers for dinner, taking dessert away from a hitting child, putting that hitting child to bed early, watching as the other child starts a new coveted book, reflecting on Valentine's past (Tony and Tina's Wedding, Vagina Monologue...), and watching an exciting show with a glass of wine.

What were the leftovers for dinner? Pork carnitas. Why did Mezmur hit me? Lots of sugar and no nap. What book was Rhett begging for? Mr. Popper's Penguins. What was for dessert? M&M's...very fancy. What show did we watch? The last episode of the last (!) season of Big Love. What was I thinking serving pink eggs for breakfast? No sure, but I hope they remember that one Valentine's Day when their Mom served disgusting looking pink eggs.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Life As Usual

Blueberries and snot...a perfect breakfast.

Found..."Mavis you are cute."

Only in Portland would a preschool use beer boxes for Valentine boxes...Portlandia.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Heart For Pre-Valentine's Day

Mezmur's pre-Valentine's hair.

I took this photo, so she could see her heart. She was very sad not be able to see it herself in the mirror. I LOVE doing Mezmur's hair and only wish this baby would let me do it more often...and by baby, I mean Mavis! Mezmur has her moments at hair time too, but throw a lollipop her way or turn on a show and she is fine. Maybe I need to throw a lollipop at the baby too...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentines Day

Kaj Franck heart pitcher

The way to my way of vintage Finnish enamelware.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mavis is 10 Months

Wow. This baby is keeping us (and the cats) on our toes...

Except for when she is asleep...and what a sweet sleeping baby she is.
Notice those nice new teeth? The other shoe dropped and we had another week from hell. The world got to see a zombie version of me and it wasn't pretty. I was one crabby mom.

The new teeth are pretty cute are these sisters together.

First Quilt Finished

I have wanted to make Rhett a quilt for, 7 years. I was inspired first by this fabric, then I saw this master quilters quilt, and I see those post-it space invaders every time we pick up Dan from work. I thought a space invader quilt would be a great "big boy" quilt. Something he could even take to college! He said in college he might like the back of the quilt a little more...ok.

For the back I used a little bit of his Pac-Man sheets. I got these sheets when he was 2 and they have been the sheets of choice ever since. They are too stretched out and getting pilly, but I couldn't just get rid of them. Rhett is happy he will still see a bit of his Pac-Man sheets in his new quilt.

The Pac-Man sheets might even make an appearance in next years Christmas pajamas.

Now I bring to you...the front.

Rhett's favorite colors are red, black, and silver. I loved the mustard with that color combo. As you see...the space invader fabric wasn't even used in the quilt! It was great inspiration though.
I did the quilting with my Janome at, that took a lot of time. As I said, "It's not done until the quilt is stained with the maker's blood." A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this quilt. I was reminded (at times) why I don't make quilts.

A little love note for Rhett.

He loves it. He better.

Two quilts in one month! I'm also helping with a quilt for Rhett's school auction. This is what 62 hands or 310 fingers machine appliqued look like...yowza that was a big job. This isn't the end of my quilt making adventures. Remember, I still have this quilt to finish.

Eight Is Great But Seven Is Heaven

For an "off" year (the kids get a birthday party every other year) Rhett was sure celebrated big this year. Rhett turned 7 yesterday and the post title was written on a friends birthday card to Rhett. It was a 3 day event for Rhett. It started with me bringing cupcakes to his class. Rhett was sure stumped when his teacher brought him to the front and asked him what he wanted to do better when he was 7. Like, stand there in silence...stumped. But when asked what his favorite thing he did when he was 6 he knew the answer right away...LegoLand.

Then, the next day was a no school day, so I planned a mini party/knitting play date. Two of Rhett's best friends wanted to learn how to knit and Rhett really wanted to teach them.



Rhett was a great teacher...In the front door, around the back, out through the window, and off jumps Jack.

The next day was his birthday. Months ago we said he could invite one friend to play video games at GroundKontrol. First was a trip to Old Town Pizza.

The friend he chose was Jonah.

They are great together!

Since I forgot the treat...we had to go home for a cupcake before the boys went video gaming and the girls stayed home for nap time.

This is how the little sister was feeling yesterday watching her brother open presents and blowing out candles. Her own candle just wasn't good enough.

Lastly was the big family gathering with a request of shrimp, crab, and brownies with ice cream. We didn't do the crab, but I think all of his other wishes came true.

Wishes of a new bike with gears, Star Wars sheets, and Ninjago.

It's always fun to re-visit the birth of the birthday child. This year I learned that I was really mean in the delivery room with Rhett...thanks, Mom.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mezmur The Ballerina

Mezmur wrapped up her ballet classes last weekend with a "recital." It was the first time she actually did what her teacher was telling her to do. It was really cute. Too bad my phone was full and I couldn't video tape it! I'll have to track down a copy. Dang the cute kids I have who fill my phone memory with all their cute antics. At least I brought my real camera too...

Coming up...the birthday boy and his new quilt I've been working on for the last month.