Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Quilt Finished

I have wanted to make Rhett a quilt for, 7 years. I was inspired first by this fabric, then I saw this master quilters quilt, and I see those post-it space invaders every time we pick up Dan from work. I thought a space invader quilt would be a great "big boy" quilt. Something he could even take to college! He said in college he might like the back of the quilt a little more...ok.

For the back I used a little bit of his Pac-Man sheets. I got these sheets when he was 2 and they have been the sheets of choice ever since. They are too stretched out and getting pilly, but I couldn't just get rid of them. Rhett is happy he will still see a bit of his Pac-Man sheets in his new quilt.

The Pac-Man sheets might even make an appearance in next years Christmas pajamas.

Now I bring to you...the front.

Rhett's favorite colors are red, black, and silver. I loved the mustard with that color combo. As you see...the space invader fabric wasn't even used in the quilt! It was great inspiration though.
I did the quilting with my Janome at, that took a lot of time. As I said, "It's not done until the quilt is stained with the maker's blood." A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this quilt. I was reminded (at times) why I don't make quilts.

A little love note for Rhett.

He loves it. He better.

Two quilts in one month! I'm also helping with a quilt for Rhett's school auction. This is what 62 hands or 310 fingers machine appliqued look like...yowza that was a big job. This isn't the end of my quilt making adventures. Remember, I still have this quilt to finish.


melissa said...

autumn! it looks so great. nice work, lady. i know what a pain in the butt quilting can be... i look forward to and dread it all at the same time.

Christi said...

That is so freakin awesome!!

lori said...

Both of those are such amazing quilts! You are a fabric artist extraordinaire, seriously. Your eye for color and shapes and combinations is so right on.

Duncan said...

TOO MUCH. . . I love the college comment. I would still go for the front side at my age. . . After all it was my favorite video game. Actually it was the only one I was any good at. Right Rhett??! What a way to preserse a childhod. Worth repeating on all levels for this post. WAY TOO MUCH!!