Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day: Heart shaped cinnamon rolls with hot pink frosting...served with pink eggs, an afternoon steamer, leftovers for dinner, taking dessert away from a hitting child, putting that hitting child to bed early, watching as the other child starts a new coveted book, reflecting on Valentine's past (Tony and Tina's Wedding, Vagina Monologue...), and watching an exciting show with a glass of wine.

What were the leftovers for dinner? Pork carnitas. Why did Mezmur hit me? Lots of sugar and no nap. What book was Rhett begging for? Mr. Popper's Penguins. What was for dessert? M&M's...very fancy. What show did we watch? The last episode of the last (!) season of Big Love. What was I thinking serving pink eggs for breakfast? No sure, but I hope they remember that one Valentine's Day when their Mom served disgusting looking pink eggs.

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Duncan said...

No ham with the red eggs? St Patrick's day is coming up how about some green eggs and ham? It might make the red eggs look better. Looked like another eventful Holiday. Happy Valentine's Day. . .