Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Baby Is One

Our baby is one...or more importantly, we survived Mavis' first year! I started planning Mavis' birthday months ago. It started with the best idea I've had in years...hire Portland's favorite family photographer and friend, Posy Quarterman to take some family photos and photos at the party. The BEST idea. Although, I'm not going to lie, I felt a little weird not taking a single photo of the birthday girl all day, but then...I saw this photo! My baby...

Was there drama? Why, yes. Of course. We were packed up and rushing out of the house to meet Posy for some pre-photos. Mezmur was having ANOTHER tantrum...I think this one was about how she couldn't have gum yet, because the gum was in the car or something like that. So, Mezmur, in all her rage slammed the door shut...with us all outside and the keys to the car and house inside. Not what this stressed out mom needed! Trust me. Mezmur knew she made a big mistake as we rushed around trying to find a door/window to open. With no luck, we went to plan B. We got a hold of Posy and she took some pre-photos at our house...well, the neighbors house, because the neighbors have a much prettier yard. Next, we rushed around putting things in Posy's car and hitched a ride to the party at Kennedy School. The party was a huge success and Dan declared, "Mavis won't have a cake that fancy again until her wedding day." (No, I did not make the cake, but I did decorate it.) Here is another photo by Posy. I'll share more about the birthday party when I can share more photos.

Of course there was a lot of reflection on the birth of Mavis yesterday...and the day before that. After a successful unmediated VBAC (still my biggest success in life) Mavis Miriam was born! Not without drama and that drama has continued with sleepless nights and a bit of a high need baby. But we couldn't imagine our life without our baby Mavis.

This remains my favorite photo from the day Mavis was born. I love the way she is looking at me...for the first time.

What was the drama at the birth? Well, after the birth the umbilical cord got detached from the placenta causing the placenta to get stuck. After getting to hold Mavis for ten short minutes I needed to be rushed into surgery, because I was hemorrhaging. I was so sad I couldn't be with Mavis and sad I needed an epidural! I needed a D and C to get the placenta out. This added three-four weeks to my recovery. After the surgery, I got Mavis back and nursed her for an hour and a half straight, while I watched them clean up buckets of my blood off the floor. After a little research, Dan and I think this happened because of my previous cesarean. I'll write a post about that soon...

We love you Mavis Miriam.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Tomorrow We Celebrate Mavis

I mean, look at that face.

I remember this well. We were getting all ready to walk over to Rhett's school for pick-up. I caught sight of her in the mirror and I could resist taking a photo. baby turns one.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

No, I'm Not Pregnant

One year ago...

I looked like this.

Today...apparently, I look like I'm about five months pregnant. No, I'm not just being over sensitive...that's what the lady at the fabric store said. Now, when someone says, "Wow. You are going to be busy with baby number 4 on the way." Or, "Smile, you are carrying a little bundle of joy." I just say, "Yes." You know, when you look like the above photo (twice), your muscles split and they need to be surgically sewn back together. It's a medical condition. I loved my body when I was pregnant. Sorry, TMI, but I felt so confident and loved my belly. Now, I'm not so happy about my body. I hate being asked about "#4." It doesn't make a gal feel so great. I really get tired of making the person who asked feel better after they put their foot in their mouth. I get asked almost daily. The worst thing is going shopping. I love fashion, but it is really hard to go shopping when you are shopping for the most fashionable baggy clothes. Most of the fashionable baggy clothes just make me look more pregnant. Oh, well. So, if you see me and wonder about assured, there will never be a #4...I know, never say never.


She was totally worth it!

Monday, March 19, 2012

3 Years and Introducing Vern the Owl

Three years ago we were meeting this little girl. We DO NOT call it "gotcha day." We did talk about the day we met her and looked at her "special Ethiopia book." This year she asked, "Is she my birth mother?" Pointing to one of the nannies holding her in one of the photos. No, baby girl she isn't, but that woman really loved you. The questions will get tougher every year.

This little girl is still full of life and "sass sauce." She has days that she says she wants straight hair, but most days she says she LOVES her curly hair. We sure love it. She requests hairstyles these days and does a great job sitting still, because she really wants braids and beads. It makes me so happy, because there are days that I get to sit with my girl for an hour or two, praising her for being so still and patient, and my creative outlet for the day was put into Mezmur's hair. It's a win/win.

Let me introduce to you the new member of the family. This is Vern the owl.

He was created by an awesome local artist...a neighbor.

He was created for and donated to Rhett's school auction and we won him! Sure Dan "hovered" a bit, but in the end...he went home with us.

We love him.

See what I mean? Sass sauce...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Little Sneak Peek

Mavis in her first birthday dress...

The above dress is "take 2" of Mavis' birthday dress. The first one turned out super cute. A friend even said it made her "old dead ovaris cry with joy." There was just something missing and it turns out what was missing was puffy sleeves and a gathered skirt. Oh, and gingham. I had a dream she was wearing gingham, so it had to be.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hair Wave

Mavis' hair is growing out now, but for a while she had a cute little hair wave in the back. Hair wave, not hair weave. Now she has little curls in back. It's funny how quick it changes. This was taken just a couple of weeks ago...

Rain-Bow Birthday Banner

Birthday preparations are in full swing for Mavis. Here is her birthday banner. I call it her rain-bow banner. It says "happy birthday Mavis." This was a really fun banner to make...Mavis' special banner.
It was fun to come up with a new idea for Mavis' banner...thus, the bow was born.If you are interested in purchasing your own rainbow birthday is the link.

Mavis Turns 11 Months

Mavis is 11 months! I call this the bedhead edition.

She can get around like a pro. She is almost walking. She will definitely be walking by her birthday. She gets the biggest smile on her face as she walks around either pushing the toy stroller or one of our hands. She really wants to get around like her brother and sister and I can't wait until I don't have to carry her all day. Although, my arms are pretty buff.

I've never heard of such a difficult teether. Geez. Every tooth is a 2 week event of sleepless nights, fevers, and irritability. When she feels this way all she wants to do is nurse...all day. Because of this she still doesn't eat a ton of solid foods. She does eat solids, but not huge portions. Her favorite is frozen blueberries. Her fingers and the highchair are dyed purple on a regular basis.

We have a feisty one on our hands...yikes. When will the universe give me a brake? She hits, pinches, and spits when she is mad...and she gets mad a lot. God forbid you have to change her diaper. God forbid you try to give her a hug. Watch out if you take a tiny lego or crayon away from her and don't even think about saying , "no!" She can be sweet too. Mavis has learned how to give kisses. It is my favorite. She lets out a little puff of air. It sounds like the letter 'p' sound and it is her kiss. I love it, but she has to be in the right mood for kissing.

This is still what our evenings look like. Well, it is really nice when it looks like this, but most of the time it looks like me telling Mavis, "just go to sleep," while she crawls around moaning or nursing on and off until she gives in to sleep.

The next Mavis update will be the last monthly Mavis report. She will be one! I can't believe a year ago we were preparing for the birth of a mystery baby and now we have an almost one year old baby girl named Mavis!