Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rhett Sews

 It was a cool (we live in Oregon) summer's day and I was loosing my mind and it was only day two of summer vacation.  I thought I was organized with my charts, lists, and Pintrist boards.  Nothing was working.  I had a moody preteen boy on my hands.  I'm also struggling with his selfish attitude...normal, but selfish.  You know, only doing things that will benefit himself.  Then it hit me...he could make one of Mezmur's birthday presents I was planning on making her...a new pillowcase.  I just needed to teach him how to sew.  He LOVED the idea...and he was a natural. 
 He helped me think of a good beginner project...bean bags! 
He was thrilled to make his first bean bag.  He declared, he wanted to sell his bean bags. "biased mom" post on Facebook later and he now has orders!
He has been a little hot and cold about sewing his bean bags though.  The other day he said it was boring...until I planted another seed.  Last Thursday!  He has plans to set up a little table with a friend for Alberta's Last Thursday.  He has been hard at work cutting, sewing, and making signs for his first street fair.
 He even taught his friend how to make bean bags today!
Do you need bean bags?  Come visit Rhett's table.  $1 a bean bag...can't be beat!

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Duncan said...

Well it should fit nicely in his second grade "How I Spent My Summer Vacation". . . Good luck on his Bean Bag Stand and maybe he can sell lemonade also. I'm very impressed on many levels and can't wait to hear more on how Rhett spends his summer vacation as well as Mommy's sanity reports. . . Love to ALL!!!!!