Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Enchanted Forest 2012

The annual Enchanted Forest trip.  We went with a couple of our favorite little families and one Grandpa.  This year I wasn't pregnant and sick and I didn't have a tiny baby that I couldn't put down, so I got to go on some rides.  Mezmur and I LOVE the Frog Hopper and I got to go on the Log Ride with Mezmur and Dan.  Mezmur is my little thrill seeker.  Rhett chickened out on the Log Ride while we waited in line.  Obviously, I didn't call him a chicken to his face and we don't force our kids to do anything...well almost anything.  I do make them get a photo in the witches mouth whether they like it or not.
 Awww...the play.  This year Rhett was too cool for the play.  Dan offered $5 if he didn't smile the whole play.  A mention of Harry Potter and an utterance of Justin Bieber and the $5 was ours.  He tried to hide his smile, but we could see it in his eyes.
 Runner #1.
 Runner #2.
 Sisters.  Mavis loves her big sister.  They chase each other around the house growling and Mavis follows Mezmur everywhere.  I hope they will be best friends.
 The best witches mouth photo we could get...
Mezmur was scared all morning about the witches mouth, but Dan told her she just wanted to kiss the children, not eat them.  The first thing she did when she saw the witch was give it a big hug and she declared that she loves the witch.
The Hansel and Gretel witch was another story.  "Come closer my dearie, come closer my dearie, and see if the oven is hot."  It's the stuff of nightmares for a four-year-old little girl.  Not to mention creepy animatronics from the early eighties...yikes.


Duncan said...

The "no smile" thing made me smile. . . I remember the play when I was there and that one cracked me up. Rhett was laughing at that one. Looked like all the girls were having fun and the witch didn't eat anyone. Mezmur and her thrill rides does not surprise me, I am surprised Rhett backed off The Log Ride because he did have a go at it the year I was there. . . I'm sorry I missed the annual Enchanted Forest trip. Love to All!!!!!

Christi said...

Ha! Loved your little stories that came with a day at the EC.

Lori said...

We had the best time when we went on Monday. I told Ted that the experience was exactly what I had expected it to be since the first time I saw it from the I-5 seven years ago. What scared my kids most was the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole. They would not go through (until right before we left). I also made the mistake of taking Beti through the haunted house, thinking it would be as benign as the one at Disneyland. Even I was scared!