Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mezmur Turns Four

Mezmur's day started with chocolate chip pancakes and an afro.
 This was a big birthday for our girl.  She got nail polish.  Up until now I held off on nail polish, because I didn't think she was ready for it.  Turns out...she still isn't ready.  She told Mavis, "I'm more prettier than you because I have nail polish."  That's Mezmur's "thing" and it drives me crazy.  We hear a lot of, "I'm prettier than you, because I'm wearing...(fill in the blank)."  We talk a lot about being pretty on the inside...one day she will get it.  She got a new birthday dress made by mama, a afro Hello Kitty necklace, and a pink "sparkly" Hello Kitty purse for her birthday, so I guess...she was feeling very pretty on her birthday.
Mezmur LOVES strawberries and loves Strawberry Shortcake...I'm not talking about the dessert.  Although, she did get strawberry shortcake for dessert for her birthday, but she didn't eat it.  She's the kind of girl who eats the icing off a donut and frosting off a cupcake, so I guess there was no frosting on her strawberry shortcake.
A beautiful girl and her afro in the sunshine.
The sun really did shine for Mezmur this year.  We had her little birthday party on the hottest day of the year.  I think it reached 99!  It was hard to be a  hostess when it was so hot.  My kids know two things about me...I'm cranky when it's too cold and I'm cranky when it's too hot.  It's a good thing we live in Portland!
Mezmur had a little Strawberry Shortcake party.  There was a kiddie pool, a homemade pinata, a strawberry cake, a pass the Strawberry Shortcake friend game, and a few good friends.  Here is Mezmur looking on...
The cousins had a little Grandpa lap time.
The pinata was a bit of a disaster.  I didn't use strong enough string when I attached it to the pinata, so in the end...
...I was too hot to deal with it and let the two big boys bash it on the ground and sprinkled the goodies on the ground for the little kids.  Sort of a bummer, since the pinata took about a month to make.
She got sticker earrings from the pinata...she felt pretty with those too.
I was obsessed with winning a vintage Strawberry Shortcake doll panel off Ebay for party favors for her friends. Obsessed!  I won, but payed a fortune!  They are really cute though and I think her friends liked them.
Mezmur didn't eat a bite of her strawberry cake either.  I guess she isn't into cream cheese frosting.
I'm surviving the summer!  Surprisingly, it has gone by really fast so far.  This post took me four days to type though. 

Happy Birthday Mezmur Mimi!  We love you so much and we love watching you grow!  Now she asks everyday if she is five.  Slow down girl!


rachel said...

Autumn! I was just thinking of you this morning and was going to send you a message over FB. I was thinking about how much I miss your posts and how Portland seems to be the hub for really great sewing blogs- I miss yours! :)

Looks like you threw a great party. And M could not be more beautiful. Both of your 'M's! :)

Hugs from way too hot Texas,

Duncan said...

A party in true Lapour fashion. Happy Birthday again to Mezmur. . . Looked like everyone was having fun. I wish I was there to share my lap and my love. Miss you all and can't wait to see you ALL later this month. Hope the weather cools down some. We need a break from the heat. . . Love Gramps