Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Adventures In Hair

The adventure really comes down to having enough bribes and just the right shows and movies to get us through.  I would do her hair all day long if I could, but its the begging to let me finish "just one more twist" that will drive me crazy.  She really does great most of the time.  This took 10ish hours and I would say 9 out of the 10 were smooth sailing.  She is a tv junkie, so getting to watch tv all day while I do her hair is a great privilege.  But that one hour was enough to give me a pulmonary. 
The idea was for me to do a great hair style that would last for weeks into my recovery.  This should do the trick.  Then when we take them out it should give me at least one more week of awesome twist outs.  I'm sort of giddy about what that will look like.  I love twists. 
Mezmur picked out the rainbow yarn.  I thought it would make it extra fun for her.  The goal is for her to love her hair and she sure loves her hair right now...especially the rainbow yarn. 
 I love that girl and her hair.


Viv and Mawerdi said...

Love the hairstyle AND your devotion as a mama! Can't wait to see the "follow up hair style" and sending good wishes to you in your recovery! PS LOVE the spinning photo...well I love them all, she is a happy girl who loves her hair!

Duncan said...

Oh MY!!! Absolutely beautiful for such a beautiful little girl. It's her spirit I see in every photo and I tell you that always captures my heart. . . Love her and you all beyond measure and. . . A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Autumn!!

April said...