Monday, February 4, 2013

Rhett Turns Eight

R H E T T    T U R N S    E I G H T !
This is his "on" year for a birthday party.  He chose a Harry Potter themed party, but wanted to watch a movie with his friends.  No pinata, no games, no dressing up like your favorite character...that is all so "babyish" to this eight-year-old.
We decorated the cupcakes with Golden Snitches that we made out of Ferraro Rocher candy.  The party favors?  We went to Portland's Peculiararium for the party favors.  We searched for the most Harry Potterish things and we came home with 9 boxes of edible bugs, viles of unicorn boogers, and death mints. 

Rhett and I printed out some Harry Potter labels.  The kids got such a kick out of the Butter Beer labels!  It's the simple things, I guess.
Our Vernon owl fit the Harry Potter theme nicely.
I found this Hedwig at Goodwill a couple of months ago.  Rhett is not into stuffed animals anymore, but he liked this one.
Hedwig watches over the Snitches.  I tried to frost the cupcakes with gold and know, Gryffindor colors, but they turned out orange and purple.  No one cared...I even let it go.  I also made the cupcakes from a box.  I've come a long way people....
We borrowed a projector and watched the movie on a big sheet in the Living Room.  It definitely made watching a movie more fun.  This was the storm before the quiet.  All nine boys watched the first hour of the movie without making a peep.  Then slowly...we lost them.  I would say only four watched the whole movie.  I still call the party a success!  Rhett had fun, although he doesn't show us that he is having fun these days.  A sign of weakness?
One boy ate the bugs!  I tried to tell Rhett that Henry's new nickname should be Cricket, but he thought I was being "dumb."
The day before his birthday we let him open his present.  Just look at that face...the face of a boy getting just what he's always wanted...the thing that "all" of his friends have.  The thing that I hated buying for him, but...look at that happy boy.  A Wii.
This boy is happy with it too.
 Rhett didn't want us to sing "happy birthday" to him, he didn't want me to bring treats to his class ("that's what all the little stupid girls do"), and his morning request was his very own latte.  Eight going on thirteen. 
He requested Pok Pok chicken wings for his birthday dinner.  He has very good taste and is very mature these days...until I tell him he has to get off the Wii.


Viv and Mawerdi said...

What a fun and "non babyish" birthday! Loved the theme, decorations and of course the interesting food! Way to go ( :

Duncan said...

Sounds like the best 8 year old Birthday party ever. . . Can't wait to give the Wii a try. Onward to the other Birthdays of the month. . . Love to all!!!!!

April said...

You are so Creative! I know I'm late, but Happy Birthday Rhett!