Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mavis Turns Two and I Better Get Some of These Mavis-isms Down

Mavis is two now and that makes her officially a kid.  Mezmur and Mavis are always together and will see Mavis, in her Wilco ("ice-cream") her I'm-just-checking-out-my-surroundings-look.  She usually will look like this when there are other people around.  She can be very quiet, but when she is home with just us...her personality really comes out.  Her personality that she models after her older know, telling me to shut-up and such.
Below, are two photos of Mavis pooping.  Yes, pooping.  She likes privacy when she does her business, which makes me hopeful for an early potty trainer.
Mavis LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba...I mean, who doesn't?  Am I right?  I mean, Dan has been bugging me to put a YGG disk on hold at the library for days.  It was a YGG birthday for Mavis... was also an Easter birthday for Mavis.  Because, her birthday was on Easter. 
Here is Mavis enjoying one of her favorite snacks...a clementine.  This is just to balance out all of the Easter candy she got on her birthday. 
This isn't the greatest photo in the world...with all the trash in the background, but I love how happy Mavis and her cousin Lucy are.  Built in best friends! 
We had a fun family BBQ on Easter.  It was a beautiful day for late felt a bit like summertime.  I wasn't even going to make a cake for Mavis' birthday, but then a friend gave me the idea to make a Easter bunny cake.  Duh. 
It turned out so cute and Mavis LOVED blowing out her candles.
Here are the Lapour kids enjoying their cake.
Mavis is such a sweet girl.  She learns horrible things from her older siblings, which makes me so sad.  I think our whole family dynamic would be sooooo different if she was born first, but alas...she learns so much from her sassy and naughty siblings...not to mention, I'm burnt out and Mavis just doesn't get the same treatment the first and second got.  Mostly the first, with all the walks to the park and library storytimes.  Mavis' outings mostly consist of ANOTHER trip to the grocery store and going to drop off, drop off, pick up, and pick up her brother and sister from school.  It's really that many drop offs and pick ups...that's not a typo.
Below are some interesting facts about our Mavis:
She is obsessed about "guy-guys."  Translation- a zombie or equally scary guy.  Recently, Rhett painted a zombie and showed it to Mavis.  She has been obsessed with it for weeks.  She tells everyone she sees, "Rhett make guy-guy...too gary."  (gary = "scary") She also wakes up in the middle of the night screaming, "Rhett make guy-guy," or just, "Guy-guy!"  She is a sensitive girl.
This brings us to Mavis' sleep.  She still wakes up once or twice a night...usually due to nightmares.  She is still in our bed...due to nowhere else to put her at the moment.  She usually wakes up asking for "nee-nee-time."  Her main source of comfort remains my boobs.  "Nee-nee-time" means she wants her hand on my boob.  My mom finds it "weird", but I see it as a comfort that only I can give her and the last line to my baby Mavis.  She won't do it forever...duh.  She's only two.
Mavis is obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba and Carly Rae Jepsen.  Yes, Carly Rae.  Dan started to play Call Me Maybe for Mezmur and Mavis caught on.  She would ask to hear that song all day long.  She called and still calls it "Oh, Baby."  We were told to play "Obaba-Oh-Baby," (Obama sings Call Me Maybe) or "Guy-guy-Oh-Baby," (Darth Vader) or "Cookie-Elmo-Oh-Baby." (Cookie monster sings Call Me Maybe)  She was obsessed.  Thankfully I convinced her I didn't have those songs on my phone...that they were only on Dan's phone.  Dad's a softy when it comes to Mavis.  Thankfully she has moved on to the new Muppet movie songs, The Flaming Lips Yeah Yeah Yeah Song, and Bjork's Oh So Quiet song.  Oh, she is also fond of Suit and Tie by Justin Timberlake.
I am loving Mavis' language development.  She has many of her own words that I understand.  Like, "avee" (water), "uck" (chip), "mow-mow" (cat), "Nonie" (Mezmur), "A-E-I" (when she wants to write or do art)...I know there are a ton more, but I can't think of any right now.
She calls herself "Mimi", which is so fascinating to me.  Mimi is Mezmur's middle  name and the name we called my Grandmother growing up.  Also, Mavis doesn't sound too much like Mimi, so how she started calling herself Mimi is a mystery.  I love it and I hope the nickname sticks.  We have two Mimis and I call both Mavis and Mezmur Mimi sometimes.  It gets a little confusing at times.
My wish for Mavis on her second favorite age by the way...I wish that her sister won't teach her how to call me stupid and that her brother won't teach her to yell at me and say I'm the worst mom least not until she is three.  I just want one more year of a sweet baby.  Because three is my least favorite age and the countdown has already begun.