Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Summer Before Spring

I think this was in May.  Maybe April.  I've lost track of the days.
It was 85 degrees at the Oregon coast.  That hardly ever happens.  Especially not in May (or April).
Brave, braver, and bravest.
This is what mermaids look like...apparently.  
This was probably my favorite day ever with all three.  I don't think I've seen all three of them so happy for so long...all at the same time.  No fits, no fighting, no fussing (the three f's).
Mavis had so much fun.
Jumping over the waves.
Kite flying was fun...for about 10 seconds.
It lasted long enough to get a few photos.

Eating apples and chasing a kite shadow.  
The lack of blogging, the loss of days, and the overwhelming feeling of stress lately is due to the fact we are selling our house...this weekend.  The house is staged and ready to go, therefore...I had time to blog.  I will never paint another ceiling as long as I live and I hope we never have to stage a house with three young kids ever again.