Monday, August 26, 2013

Best Of Facebook

I spend most of my internet time on Facebook or Instagram.  So, let me share here some of my latest favorite Facebook posts.  Let me start with the mug I've earned with flying colors...

I'm pretty sure movers aren't supposed to drink the juice boxes out of the fridge...I'm pretty sure. 2 of 3 went missing that I was saving for Mezmur's birthday picnic. I have 3 kids. Two of my kids cried over those missing juice boxes. Rhett found the evidence in the trash.

You know your child is from Portland when he asks where the compost is in the hotel room in Seattle.

You know your kid is from Portland when he asks for a jar to store his new Nerf darts.

Best compliment ever...guy cutting my hair at the rock-n-roll barber shop, "You don't look momish at all."

Me: What's that noise?
Rhett: It's my water bottle hitting my cup.

And I don't mean a drinking cup.

We Moved

We will NEVER sell another house least with three young children.
 We sold our house in a weekend, but not without a little drama.  We got two amazing offers for our house (which was totally overpriced by the way).  The reality of the market right now is that most people have to sell, rent while you look to buy, and buy another house.  It's all very competitive and the timing never works out just right.  So...when we got an offer...sight unseen, cash offer, three months free rent-back, and the option to stay in "our" house until we found a house...we thought it was too good to be true.  It was.  She backed out. 
While her backing out was very stressful, we were lucky to have an (almost) equally amazing backup offer.  And lucky for us...we get to do a double move! 
When we met the new owners and we said good-bye as they walked into their new house, Mavis said, "No that's mine house!"  And ever since we moved into our rental she repeatedly says very excitedly with huge eyes, "We have that at home!"  She says this pointing at such things as the bathmat, toilet, pan in the kitchen, my bra...pretty much EVERYTHING.

We are glad to be done with the hard part and can start the fun part...looking for our perfect family house. 

Here is the video of our old house.  We all sort of miss it...a little.