Monday, August 26, 2013

Best Of Facebook

I spend most of my internet time on Facebook or Instagram.  So, let me share here some of my latest favorite Facebook posts.  Let me start with the mug I've earned with flying colors...

I'm pretty sure movers aren't supposed to drink the juice boxes out of the fridge...I'm pretty sure. 2 of 3 went missing that I was saving for Mezmur's birthday picnic. I have 3 kids. Two of my kids cried over those missing juice boxes. Rhett found the evidence in the trash.

You know your child is from Portland when he asks where the compost is in the hotel room in Seattle.

You know your kid is from Portland when he asks for a jar to store his new Nerf darts.

Best compliment ever...guy cutting my hair at the rock-n-roll barber shop, "You don't look momish at all."

Me: What's that noise?
Rhett: It's my water bottle hitting my cup.

And I don't mean a drinking cup.


Duncan said...

Darn Facebook and Instagram! I miss your regular Blog post. . . I know, I know. . . Still just saying. And you don't look too "momish". Love to ALL!!!!!

rachel said...

i'm with duncan! :)
autumn, i just saw your comment on my blog. thanks. i was just reading your blog the other night, but i was reading from my phone and can't comment from my phone for some reason. we keep our computer upstairs and i'm not on it very often.
anyway, i've been thinking of you so much because we did the coolest thing to tarikua's hair. (we decided to keep t's ethiopian name when filling out the re-adoption paperwork. better late than never, i suppose.):) it's a permanent style called sisterlocks. it's essentially 400 minidreads. it is so awesome. we love it, it looks amazing with very little maintenance. just spray each morning with rosewater and wash every two weeks with a gentle shampoo. no more conditioners or other products and it looks awesome. you can still style it or leave it down.
i don't have your email and i'm not on FB or IG anymore, but i've wanted to tell you for a long time. :) hope all's well in your world.

rachel said...

hey autumn - just read your comment on my blog. the locs took about 25 hours to put in but are so, so worth it. we have to have them re-tightened every 6 weeks, but in december the lady that did them is going to teach dan to re-tighten them. the tightening takes about 4 hours. it's such a great choice for us.
i hope you start sewing more... and blogging about it. :) the truth is i don't really have a lot of time for sewing or blogging. i really only sew once a week, usually on the weekends when Iris naps. and it's generally been pretty hard for me to blog more than once a week. but i absolutely have to prioritize sewing because, like you said, it's an important part of my self-care. i am a talkative,un-shy introvert, but still an introvert. i really, really need time alone to recharge and thrive. lots of people try to get me to get involved in group activities, thinking that's what i "need". i would take a night in, sewing, any night over a girls night out.

Unknown said...

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