Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Mezmur!!!

Mezmur turned 5 almost two months ago!  Better late than never.
 This is Mezmur's mama made birthday dress for her 5th birthday.  I have a tradition of making the girls birthday dresses and I love it.  Mezmur loved her new birthday dress.  I loved these I Love My Hair shirts, but I couldn't find them in little girl sizes anywhere!  So, I bought a large shirt and used the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern to make it into a dress.  It turned out so cute.
 We moved 4 days after her birthday party, so we needed to keep it low-key.  So...we got VooDoo Doughnuts for the treat.  She was were the other kids and adults.
 Singing happy birthday with her doughnut cake.
 Mezmur got yarn extensions again for her birthday...and because of the move.  It took us over 10 hours to put in, but it gave me weeks of low maintenance.
Mezmur enjoying her bubble gum flavored doughnut.  Yum.
 Mavis enjoys her doughnut too.
 The activity was making hula hoops.  It was a hit.
And what 5-year-old birthday party is complete without a rainbow unicorn pinata...
 ...and tears?
I'm so glad we were able to have a little party for Mezmur.  She is at a magical age where she still enjoys unicorn pinatas and who knows how much longer she will want any of that cutesie stuff.  I hope forever, but I know she will change and want sleep-overs, make-up parties, and Beyonce concert tickets for her birthday.

Speaking of music...we are very in to Janelle Monae lately.  Mezmur loves watching this video.  Mezmur is very jealous that Dan and I get to see her next month.


Anne said...

What a special gal, and a special day. We love Mez! Happy belated bday again to sweet sassy "nonny!"

Duncan said...

I wish I was there. . . Sorry about the delay on getting to this post. As always I love the photos and the making of hula hoops was a great idea!! Can't wait to see you all soon. . . Love Dad/Gramps

Unknown said...

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