Thursday, November 14, 2013

Alacorns And A Zombie

Halloween was a success this year.  Everyone got to be what they wanted.  One of them was a little like Lucy in It's A Great Pumpkin Charlie know, when she tells everyone Halloween costumes should be the direct opposite of their personality...then you see her dressed like a witch?  Lucy is not a very nice girl.
 Rhett was a zombie this year.  What would be the opposite of a zombie?  Not Rhett.
Mezmur chose the girl's costumes.  Mezmur was a Mama-Rainbow-Golden-Unicorn-Pegasus and Mavis was a Baby-Rainbow-Golden-Unicorn-Pegasus...otherwise know as an Alacorn.
 I modified a pattern I had to make the girl's costumes.  We were all very pleased with the results!  The rainbow mane was easier to make than I thought it would be.  I got most of my supplies from Scrap to make their costumes, which was so great, because I needed a ton of fabric and rainbow yarn!  Knowing I needed to make two very involved costumes...I started early.  I've never finished Halloween costumes in September before!  
That leaves Rhett.  No Alacorn costume for him.  I tried to talk him into being a Rainbow-Unicorn-Zombie, but he wouldn't have anything to do with it!
 He made the perfect Zombie and his costume was very easy to create.  I had some issues in the back of my mind that he wanted to be something so gory, but what's the harm, really?  He was happy.
 We got together with best friends for some early evening trick-or-treating on Alberta.
 Here's Mavis...she wouldn't wear her hat trick-or-treating.  The only reason she wore it for the photos above is because I said, "If you don't wear your hat for won't get candy."  Mezmur wore her's though!
This year has been one of my favorite Halloweens to date.  I think it's because Mavis is older and more into it.  After trick-or-treating at a house where the people were extra nice to Mavis about her costume, she ran up to me and declared, "They are my friends."